Showcasing pictures taken by children aged 12 to 17 who previously lived and worked at Stung Mean Chy landfill, Phnom Penh.

The children, teacher and the directors of CCH

The children, teacher and the directors of CCH
The children of the project after meeting the king. Click on the picture to visit the site displaying all of the best pictures taken by the children during the photography course

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Pictures on this website are available to purchase and can be sent all over the world. Profits will aid the children of CCH. Please contact: telephone 017917601 or visit Gasolina, street 57, Phnom Penh!

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Smile exhibition

These pictures are displayed in large size at the Smile exhibition

Ratha (picture 2)

Sokunthea (picture 3)

Piset (picture 4)
These prints are all displayed in medium size at the Smile exhibition

Srey Neang (picture 5)

Srey Neang (picture 6)

Sokunthea (picture 7)

Thavery (picture 8)

Sokunthea (picture 9 )

Raksmey (picture 10)

Sokunthea (picture 11)

Sambo (picture 12)

Thavery (picture 13)

Sambath (picture 14)

Sambath (picture 15)

Raksmey (picture 16)

Piset (picture 17)

Piset (Picture 18)

Naran (picture 19)

Piset (picture 20)

Ratha (picture 21)

Smile exhibition

These pictures have been displayed in "small" at the Smile exhibition

Sambo (picture 22)

Sambo (picture 23)

Ravuth (picture 24)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Smile Exhibition

All of the images below have been displayed at the Smile exhibition in "travel size" (A4)

Thavery (picture 25)

Sokunthea (picture 26)

Raksmey (picture 26)

Naran (picture 27)

Naran (Picture 28)